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Our commitment to sustainability

We actively shape the future of aviation!


SkyAlps is a subsidiary company of the FRI-EL Green Power group, a leading company in the field of production of electricity from renewable sources that saves around 860,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Accordingly, sustainability has been part of our DNA since our foundation.


We have always done our best to minimise our environmental impact. That is why our entire fleet consists of modern, highly efficient turboprop aircraft that produce up to 50% less emissions and 50% less noise during take-off and landing than other regional jets. But there is more!

Together with Tamarack Aerospace, a US-based company, leader in the field of aviation technology, we are currently working on developing the most efficient, silent and sustainable regional aircraft in the world.

Furthermore, in September 2023 we operated our first flight employing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and in the future we intend to use it whenever and wherever possible.