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Island of paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear waters

Discover the island of Brac

with all its facets

The vacation island of Brac is especially known for its enchanting beaches and offers the best conditions to experience an unforgettable beach vacation due to the numerous bays and the white sand. Those seeking relaxation will be able to escape their everyday life in this vacation region and find a special kind of oasis of peace in the midst of unique landscapes.


Brac is so diverse

Discover Brac

Tips and info for your vacation in Croatia


The largest island of Dalmatia

Brac attracts with beautiful beaches, good wine and bright white stone, which is even used in the White House in Washington. The highest mountain on Brac is "Sveti Vid" with 778 meters above sea level which offers you a beautiful view.

There are about 13,000 inhabitants living on the island, spread over the towns of Supetar, Milna, Bol, Postira, Pucisca, Povlja and some other small towns - each of them is worth a visit, not least because of the good food.

Near Bol you will also be able to visit the Dominican monastery with its liturgical objects and its famous paintings of the Vergine e die Santi, founded in 1475. Brac offers its visitors a vacation including a good mix of recreation, sports and culture!

Shopping at Brac

Small but nice

On Brac it is worth buying souvenirs and products of local producers, because you will hardly find big shopping centers here. Perhaps the most unique souvenir sold on the island are the artifacts or jewelry made of Brac stone. This is not about the fact that it was the material used to build the Capitol, nor is it about the fact that this white limestone is not quarried anywhere else. Rather, it is about the importance of the products made from this stone for the inhabitants of the region.

Furthermore, lavender is highly sought after on the island. The small stalls and stores offer not only small bags filled with the plant that ensures a good night's sleep, but also vials full of lavender oil.

The croatian cuisine

As diverse as the culture of the island

In general, the dishes you can try on Brac are not much different from those on the Croatian mainland. Only the selection of fish dishes is much larger here, and you can vouch for the freshness of the seafood, especially in the restaurants on the coast.

Locals love to have a proper lunch and dinner, because not all dishes are cooked in the taverns (konoba in Croatian) in the morning. Since most people here eat breakfast late, most places serve dishes for marenda, the second breakfast, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 AM.

Croatia decelerated

A culture without hectic

On Brac, as in the central part of the country, many national customs have been preserved. Croats love to dance and sing, mostly in traditional costumes, which many inhabitants still own. In Brac, religious holidays are celebrated on a grand scale. Carnival is also a big event, with the participation of both professional and amateur orchestras, dance and folklore groups.

Jazz fans will appreciate the jazz evenings in Sutivan, whose performances will also please fans of theater. Fish festivals are held regularly in Postira. In August, Supetar also hosts the unique music festival Wave Week. The peculiarity is that part of the action takes place in the afternoon on yachts, which in the evening moor at any place on the shore, so that participants and spectators can enjoy songs, dances and, of course, barbecue.

Useful informations

about your stay on Brac

We suggest looking into the most important information about attractions, museums, food and leisure activities ahead of time so you can fully enjoy your stay on Brac. Visit and fly to Brac with Skyalps armed with a wealth of knowledge.

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