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Small, fast and efficient

The perfect plane for landing in Bolzano

SkyAlps is a small, regional airline. And that’s the way it should also stay. As self-proclaimed hosts, we want you to feel safe, comfortable and welcome on board SkyAlps.

De Havilland Dash DHC-8-Q400

The modern, quiet and small regional plane

Sustainability has been a key focus of our company from day one, and we will do everything we can to minimize our environmental footprint and CO2-emissions. For that reason, and to live up to our promise of personal service combined with flying comfort and exclusivity, the entire Sky Alps fleet consists of modern, quiet and small regional aircrafts, the Dash DHC-8-Q400 outfitted with exclusive, high-quality and comfortable furnishings.


The aircraft can transport up to 78 passengers, and its technical properties make it the ideal choice for landing at the Bolzano Airport. The Dash DHC-8 Q400 aircraft is an extremely fast turboprop-powered aircraft that can complete short journeys almost as quickly as a regional turbojet, but with lower CO2 emissions.


By the way: The Q in the plane’s name stands for ‘quiet’ by the way: it is equipped with a sophisticated system to reduce noise and vibration in the passenger compartment.