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Territorial Air Continuity

Territorial Air Continuity

SkyAlps takes part into the project promoted by the Italian State to support and guarantee regional connections. At the moment, the active connection planned within this project is between Crotone - Sant'Anna and Rome - Fiumicino.


Below you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.



Who can benefit from discounted fares on SkyAlps regional flight connections?


All the following passengers can apply for discounted fares on SkyAlps regional flights:


  • Italian citizens residing in the Region of Calabria;
  • People non residing in the Region of Calabria who are travelling for work-related reasons (obligation to show the self-declaration when checking in, which can be downloaded at the following link: SELF-DECLARATION)
  • Passengers with civil disability with a percentage at least equal to or greater than 80% certified by a report issued by the medical commission indicating the percentage of disability;
  • University students up to the age of 27 with a valid university student card;
  • Children and young people from 2 to 21 years of age;
  • Seniors over 70 years of age;



What are the conditions of the discounted fare for SkyAlps regional flight connections?


The price of a discounted fare ticket is EUR 45.00 + IVA + TAX per person and route. The following rules are applied:


  • 1 hand luggage piece of max. 10kg per passenger (max. measurements: 55 x 40 x 23cm);
  • 1 checked luggage piece of max 20kg per passenger (max. measurements: 100 x 50 x 80cm);
  • Flight date changes: free of charge;
  • Name changes: free of charge; 
  • Snacks and drinks included, free of charge. 



How can one book tickets with the discounted fare for SkyAlps regional flights?


To access the discounted fare, you must tick the "Discounted fare for flights in territorial continuity" box during the online booking process. Once this is done, a pop-up notification will appear containing a self-declaration that you must accept. SkyAlps reserves the right to conduct spot checks and report persons who have made false declarations.


If you book your flight by telephone, please immediately tell the SkyAlps operator that you wish to book tickets with a discounted fare so that the operator can apply the discount. You will then receive the self-declaration to fill in by e.mail. You can hand in the self-declaration on paper at or send it in advance by e-mail to


Passengers who do not reside in the Region of Calabria and are travelling for work reasons, must fill in a self-declaration containing the data of their employer and the reason for the journey and must hand it in at the time of boarding with a copy of a valid identitification document attached. Passengers with non-compliant or incomplete certification may be denied boarding by SkyAlps, except for the payment of the difference between the ticket price paid and the higher ticket price at the time of boarding for non-resident passengers.


What documents does one need to present when checking in?


During check-in and/or boarding at the airport, the eligibility requirements for the discounted fare will be verified. Residents of the Calabria region must present a valid identification document with their residence information. Disabled passengers, non-resident workers in Calabria (self-declaration required), and university students must provide adequate proof of eligibility for the discounted fare for domestic flights. In the absence of a positive verification, the passenger will be required to pay a "penalty fare" of €85.00, which must be paid exclusively through electronic payment in order to continue the journey.