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Data Controller
Sky Alps Ltd. with registered office in Bolzano, Piazza del Grano no. 3, postal code 39100, VAT number 03067170211 (“Sky Alps” o “Controller”)
Contact e-mail address: privacy(at)


Data Protection Officer (DPO)
The DPO appointed by Sky Alps can be contacted at dpo(at)

Personal Data subject to processing

During normal operation, the computer systems and software processes used to operate the Website collect certain personal data that is transmitted when Internet protocols are used. This category of data includes, for example, the IP addresses or domain names of the users‘ computers connecting to the Website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)  of the websites visited, the time of the visit, the server’s method of access, the size of the response file, the numerical code indicating the status of the server’s response (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the user's operating system and IT infrastructure.


Definition of cookies and characteristicsCookies are small text files that websites visited by the user send and store on their computer or mobile device and are transmitted back to the same websites on the next visit. 
Thanks to cookies, a website saves the user's processes and preferences (such as, for example, login data, selected language, font size, other display settings, etc.). Hence, they do not have to be entered again when the user accesses the same website or navigates from one page to another. 
Thus, cookies are used to authenticate the computer, monitor the session and store information concerning the activities of users accessing a website, and may also contain a unique identification code to analyse the user's browsing behaviour on the website for statistical or advertising purposes. Certain operations could not be carried out without cookies, so in certain cases they are technically necessary for the operation of the website.

Cookies can be classified according to:

  • purpose: technicalperformance, tracking and advertising cookies.
  • duration: session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the browser is closed; persistent cookies, which are stored on the user's device until a specific expiry date.
  • origin: first-party cookies, third-party cookies.


Purposes and categories of cookies

Technical cookies are used exclusively for the transmission of a message via an electronic communications network or to the extent strictly necessary to provide a service expressly requested by the user. Hence, they are cookies that are essential for the operation of the website or necessary to perform activities requested by the user. 
Therefore, no express consent is required for their installation.
The Italian Data Protection Authority (see Provvedimento Individuazione delle modalità semplificate per l'informativa e l'acquisizione del consenso per l'uso dei cookie of 8 May 2014 and subsequent clarifications, hereinafter the "Order") stated that technical cookies that do not require consent also include

  • "performance cookies" which are used directly by the website operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and the user behaviour on the website;
  • navigation or session cookies (for authentication purposes);
  • functionality cookies for user-friendliness according to certain criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase).

Performance cookies are used to collect data on user behaviour on the website. Hence, accesses and visits to the website may be statistically analysed  in order to optimise access and management.
Tracking and advertising cookies are installed to analyse and evaluate browsing behaviour, create personality profiles and behavioural patterns in order to send customized advertising . The user's prior consent is required for the installation of such cookies.


Third-party cookies

Third party cookies, i.e. cookies from websites or web servers other than Sky Alps', are used for purposes of these  third parties. The third parties listed below with the relevant links to the respective privacy policies, are independent data controllers for the data collected through the cookies they provide. Hence, please refer to their policies on the processing of personal data, disclosures and consent forms (selection and de-selection of the respective cookies), as specified in the aforementioned Order. For the sake of completeness, please note that Sky Alps makes every effort to track cookies on its Website. These are regularly updated in the table below to ensure transparency about the cookies directly sent by Sky Alps and their purpose. With regard to third-party cookies on our Website, please find below the links to their respective privacy policies. These third parties, as already mentioned, are responsible for providing the privacy policy and obtaining your consent, as required by the Order. This responsibility refers not only to third-party cookies, but also to any other cookies that are sent via our Website by virtue of the use of services of these third parties. Sky Alps has no control over these third-party cookies and does not know their characteristics or purposes.


Please find below the links to information on third party cookies:


Website’s cookie settings

The website uses the following cookies which can be de-selected (except for third-party cookies for which you should refer directly to the relevant cookie selection and de-selection methods):

  • Technical navigation or session cookies which are strictly necessary for the operation of the Website or which enable the use of the requested content and services.
  • Functionality cookies, i.e. to improve the user-friendliness of the website according to certain criteria (e.g. language)..
  • Performance cookies to monitor visits and traffic on the Website in order to improve performance.
  • Targeted advertising cookies, which are installed by advertising partners to create a profile of the user and offer targeted advertising to the user.

You may block or delete (in whole or in part) technical and functionality cookies using the specific functions of your browser. However, please note that disabling technical cookies may prevent you from using the website, viewing its content and using its services.. Disabling technical and/or functionality cookies may result in certain services or functions of the Website not being available or not working properly, and you may have to change or manually enter certain information or settings each time you visit the Website.


The Website's cookie selection will in turn be recorded in a special cookie. However, this cookie may not function properly in certain circumstances. In such cases, we recommend you to delete unwanted cookies and block them using the corresponding functions of your browser. Your cookie settings must be reset if you use different devices or browsers to access the Website.
When you access the Website for the first time, you can allow, block or delete (all or part of) cookies through the specific functions of your Browser. For further information on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through your Browser, please refer to the relevant instructions:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari


Authorised person

Your personal data may be shared with authorized Sky Alps employees, with people who perform auxiliary activities independently as data processors or controllers, as well as with other third parties who cooperate with Sky Alps. 
The extended version of the privacy policy is available at the following link: PRIVACY POLICY


Transfer of data to countries outside the EU

Your personal data may be shared with recipients located outside the European Economic Area. However, the transfer of data to non-EU countries will take place in accordance with the Regulation, in particular on the basis of an adequacy decision approved by the European Commission or on another appropriate legal basis. For further information please refer in writing to: privacy(at)
The extended version of the privacy policy is available at the following link: PRIVACY POLICY


Rights of the data subject

You may exercise your rights by writing to the following address: privacy(at) FFor example, you may revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data, as well as obtain access to such data, request rectification or deletion of such data, object to the processing or request restriction of the processing and request the data concerning you in a structured, commonly used and readable format.
The extended version of the privacy policy is available at the following link: PRIVACY POLICY



Sky Alps reserves the right to modify or update this cookie policy, in part or in full, also due to changes in the applicable legislation. For easier verification of any changes, the policy contains the date of the update.


Last update: March 2024