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Air travel during pregnancy

Flying during pregnancy

Who can travel by airplane during pregnancy?

For all women with an uncomplicated pregnancy, travelling by air is a safe mode of travel. We recommend, however, that you contact your doctor and make sure that travelling by plane does not compromise the progress of your pregnancy.



Is a medical certificate necessary to fly with SkyAlps?


Until the end of the 27th week of pregnancy, expectant mothers with a pregnancy that is not at risk can fly without presenting a medical certificate. From the 28th week of pregnancy, however, it is necessary to present to the staff at the airport of departure a medical certificate issued by the doctor under whose care you are being treated that contains:


  • Confirmation that the pregnancy is not complicated;
  • The expected date of birth;
  • Explicit mention of the fact that the pregnancy does not prevent the patient from travelling by air.


Due to the increased risk of thrombosis during pregnancy, it is recommended to wear compression stockings for the duration of the flight. From the 33rd week of pregnancy onwards, flying is no longer permitted.