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during pregnancy

Can you fly if you are pregnant?

If you are pregnant, we will inform you on this page regarding your fitness for air travel and what else you need to consider


Carefree flying during pregnancy

For women with an uncomplicated pregnancy, flying is unproblematic. Nevertheless, we recommend that pregnant women talk to their gynecologist in advance about their upcoming air travel.



Until when can you fly if you are pregnant?

Up to the end of the 33th week of pregnancy, or up to seven weeks before the expected date of birth, expectant mothers with an uncomplicated pregnancy can fly with no problems. However, from the 28th week of pregnancy, it is necessary to carry a current certificate stating the following:


  • Confirmation that the pregnancy is uncomplicated
  • The expected date of birth
  • The gynecologist should specifically mention that the pregnancy does not prevent the patient from air travel


Due to the increased risk of thrombosis during pregnancy, we recommend wearing support stockings on the plane