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Düsseldorf, Germany

The city on the Rhine with its famous breweries and the lively old town is one of Germany’s most important cultural and economic centres.

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The Garden City – Düsseldorf

A lifestyle metropolis with an action-packed programme

As the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf is not only the state’s political centre, but also its economic and cultural hub. The city is known worldwide as a carnival hotspot and therefore attracts lots of visitors, especially during carnival. Düsseldorf got its name the ‘Garden City’ from its vast number of parks, green spaces and avenues that show just how much the people of Düsseldorf love nature.


The colourful richness of Düsseldorf

Explore Düsseldorf

Tips and info for your stay in Düsseldorf


The metropole of culture on the banks of the Rhine

Düsseldorf is rightly regarded as one of Europe’s most important cultural metropolises: the many museums and cultural institutions, stately manors and castles from the Wilhelmine period and the Belle Époque, and the famous old town nicknamed the ‘longest bar in the world’ all invite you to dive in and explore the colourful history of the city and all of Germany. World-famous modern architecture, such as the Kö-Bogen, the Dreischeibenhaus and the collection of buildings by Frank O. Gehry, serve as a pleasant contrast to Düsseldorf’s historic cultural buildings.

Shopping in Düsseldorf

The paradise for lovers of fashion and design

Königsallee: #1 luxury shopping strip: all the big names can be found here. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel – Königsallee is THE address for any anyone wanting to play in the big league of international fashion. ‘See and be seen’ is what counts here. Shopping fans can also find what they’re looking for away from this shopping strip, for example, on Königsallee’s side streets and passages, at the market on Carlsplatz, in the Unterbilk district or on Ackerstraße in Flingern.

The Düsseldorf way of life

Open-hearted and bound by tradition

That’s a ‘Düsseldorfer’ in a nutshell. What better way of showcasing Düsseldorf’s cosmopolitan way of life than through its restaurants and bars. The old town didn’t get its name as the ‘longest bar in the world’ for nothing: restaurant upon restaurant, bar upon bar line the streets here – there’s something for every taste and demand. An absolute must: A stop at one of the old town’s numerous breweries, where the menu includes premium beer specialties as well as Düsseldorf’s hearty home-style cooking. And Little Tokyo is home to the world’s best Japanese restaurants! 

The Düsseldorf Carnival

The ‘Fifth Season’

Everyone knows the Düsseldorf Carnival, which is rightly known as the ‘Fifth Season’. From the Hoppeditz Awakening on November 11 at 11.11am to the highlight of the annual Carnival season on Carnival Monday, countless costume balls, events, concerts, bivouacs and parties are on the agenda. The highlights in summer include traditional Hofgarten concerts with a wide-ranging programme of musical events from brass and folk music to film music to polka, jazz and cha-cha-cha music. 

Useful information

about your stay in Düsseldorf

We suggest looking into the most important information about attractions, museums, food and leisure activities ahead of time so you can fully enjoy your stay in Düsseldorf. Visit and fly to Düsseldorf with Skyalps armed with a wealth of knowledge.

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