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How do I book my SkyAlps tickets?

Booking SkyAlps flights is very simple. You can choose between several booking methods:


  • Online: select your flight on our website and follow the procedure. At the end, pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro);
  • Telephone: contact our customer service team on +39 0471 060950 and book your tickets with our operators by paying on the phone or digitally with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro);
  • E-mail: send us your flight details and passenger data to reservation(at) We will book the tickets for you and send you a link to make the digital payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro);
  • At the Bolzano Airport ticket office: the ticket office is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Only electronic payments are accepted.


How do I ask for an invoice of my SkyAlps booking?

To request an invoice for your tickets tick the box "Company invoice details" on the passenger data page, during the online booking process. You can then enter your company details.


You must also send a request to administration(at) containing your booking number. The invoice will then be sent to you by e-mail.


If you book your tickets by telephone or at the Bolzano Airport ticket office, please inform the staff immediately that you need an invoice for your booking.

Flights to/from the UK

What should I know to fly to London without worries?

Flights to and from the United Kingdom are subject to different rules than other flights within the Schengen area. Below you will find the most important information.



All passengers must present a valid passport to fly to/from London.



Check-in for flights to and from London starts earlier than for other destinations.

  • At Bolzano Airport: from 3 hours before departure until 45 minutes before departure.
  • At London Stansted Airport: from 2 hours 15 minutes before departure to 60 minutes before departure.


At London Stansted Airport, a train will take you to your gate. The train runs at regular intervals. Please allow sufficient time to reach your gate on time and without stress. 



SkyAlps is not yet a UK government certified airline for the transport of pets. Therefore, until further notice, it is not possible to transport pets on flights to and from London, with the exception of certified assistance dogs with appropriate documentation.



If you wish to reclaim VAT on goods you are importing into the UK, please report to Bolzano Airport in advance as there is only one customs office and there may be queues.

Travel documents

What documents do I need to travel with SkyAlps?

For EU citizens travelling within the Schengen Area, the only two authorised identification documents are the passport or an ID card valid for international journeys. The same rules apply to minors, including infants.


For travel outside the European Union, however, it is necessary to show a passport and any visa required by the country of destination. Minors also need their own passport, issued by the police headquarters in their city.


Non-EU citizens wishing to travel within and outside Europe must have a passport and visa.


How and when can I do the check-in for my SkyAlps flight?

SkyAlps offers you a choice: check-in online or check-in at the airport.


You can check in online from 48 hours to 4 hours before departure and download your boarding pass directly on your mobile devices. At the airport, you only have to hand in your checked baggage at the check-in desk. Please note: if you have booked a special service, you must compulsorily check in at the airport.


You can check in at the airport for free. The check-in desk at the airport opens 2 hours before departure and closes 45 minutes before your flight. You only need to present your identification document.

Seat allocation

Can I choose the seat on my SkyAlps flight?

Yes, you can choose your own seat, but with restrictions: all seats can be selected, excluding those in rows from 1 to 5.


You can choose your seat for free directly during the booking process, while checking in online, or you can ask at the check-in counter at the airport for a specific seat you particularly like.


How much luggage can I take on my SkyAlps flight?

The amount of allowed luggage pieces depends on the fare you have booked. Here you can find a short summary of fare conditions:


  • SkyLight: 1 hand luggage piece weighing max. 8kg per passenger;
  • SkyBasic and SkyGo: 1 hand luggage piece weighing max. 8kg and 1 checked luggage piece weighing max. 15kg per passenger;
  • SkyPlus: 1 hand luggage piece weighing max. 8kg and 1 checked luggage piece weighing max. 30kg or 2 checked bags weighing max. 15kg each per passenger.

Sport luggage

Can I take sports equipment on my SkyAlps flight?

or all our sports-loving passengers, indulging their passion will no longer be a problem. In the sports equipment luggage you can carry:


  • Golf bags;
  • Fishing equipment;
  • Ski or snowboarding equipment;
  • Surfing equipment;
  • Diving equipment with empty diving bottles, removed power source or with lamp switches secured in a switched-off state;
  • Bicycles in a bicycle transport box with slightly deflated tyres and pedals removed.


Sports equipment luggage costs 55,00 €, can have a maximum weight of approximately 15-20 kg and varying dimensions depending on the item carried. Reservations can be made directly online (step number 3 of the booking process), or via our customer service (0471 060950, reservation(at)


Transport of electric bicycles and other means of transportation powered by lithium batteries (Lithium Powered Personal Devices) is never permitted, regardless of the battery power.

Travelling without barriers

How can I book an assistance service for my SkyAlps flight?

SkyAlps organises free assistance services for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.


It is possible to book these services by contacting our customer service (0471060950, reservation(at), even after booking.


Please note that, if you have booked an assistance service, you will have to do the check-in directly at the airport.


Can I travel on a SkyAlps flight if I am pregnant?

Generally speaking, it is always possible to travel during pregnancy. After the 27th week of pregnancy, however, a medical certificate must be presented. From the 33rd week of pregnancy onwards, flying is no longer permitted.

Children on board

Are children entitled to special conditions on SkyAlps flights?

SkyAlps always puts passengers' needs in first place, including those of the little ones. Below you will find a summary of the services designed for children.



Children between 0 and 2 years of age travel for free. For safety reasons they are not assigned a seat and travel on the lap of the parent / adult travelling with them. They are only allowed to have a hand luggage piece, regardless of the booked fare, which can be either a small bag (up to 8kg) or a foldable pushchair/pram (which can be used until the stairs of the airplane and must then be given to the ground operators to be stored in the cargo hold). Moreover, for infants it is possible to bring small quantities of food and drinks on board the airplane. Do not forget: also infants must have their own ID card or passport.



Children between 2 and 11 years of age travel at a reduced fare (30% discount). They are entitled to the same conditions as the booked fare. If they are not accompanied by an adult, it is necessay to book the "unaccompanied minor service" through our customer serviee (+39 0471 060950 - reservation(at)

Unaccompanied minors

If children between 2 and 11 are not accompanied by an adult, it is mandatory to book the "Unaccompanied Minor Service" via SkyAlps Customer Service (+39 0471 060950 - reservation(at) 

This service costs 55€ per flight.


To make a booking you must provide the following information: Name, surname, address, telephone number, tax number, email address, date of birth of the child as well as the details of the persons who will take the child to the airport and pick him/her up.

From the age of 12, young people can fly unaccompanied without having to use the "Unaccompanied Minor - UMNR" service. If desired, it is still possible to book the service for young people between 12 and 15.

Pets on board

Can I take my pet on my SkyAlps flight with me?

Yes, it is possible to bring pets on board SkyAlps aircraft, but with certain restrictions. Animals may weigh a maximum of 8kg (including soft transport box) and must have a passport certifying all vaccinations carried out.

Certified assistance dogs are always allowed on board, but you must report their presence in advance. For further information please contact our customer service (+39 0471 060950 - reservation(at)

Electronic devices

Can I use electronic devices during my SkyAlps flight?

Electronic devices such as smartphones, e-book readers, tablets and notebooks may be used on board in flight mode. Please make sure to safely stow larger devices before take-off and landing.

E-cigars or e-cigarettes may be carried in hand baggage, but may not be used during the flight. Devices such as drones or hoverboards are not allowed in either carry-on or checked baggage.


The following devices may be used throughout the flight without restriction:

  • Hearing aids
  • Pacemakers
  • Implanted medical devices
  • Neurostimulation devices

Board service

Can I order meals and/or drinks during my SkyAlps flight?

SkyAlps' on-board service is always free of charge and includes a selection of high-quality snacks and drinks, most of which are produced by South Tyrolean companies.


If you suffer from food intolerances and would like to receive snacks and drinks on board, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange an alternative service.

Lost luggage

What do I do if my luggage got lost?

In case of lost luggage, file a report at the Lost & Found desk at your arrival airport. Our operators will immediately take action to trace your baggage and organise its return.

Delays and cancellations

Who do I turn to if my SkyAlps flight is delayed or cancelled?

If there is a need to cancel or delay a flight, we will notify our passengers as soon as possible by e-mail and/or SMS. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call our customer service department on +39 0471 060950 or send an e-mail to reservation(at)