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Baggage allowance and fees

What, how much and how heavy: please observe the luggage policy to ensure a smooth check-in procedure.

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An overview of SkyAlps luggage regulations



Ticket exchange:

Non-exchangeable dates and name

Luggage p.p.:

1 carry-on bag of 8 kg



Ticket exchange:

100€ per person

Luggage p.P.:

1 carry-on bag of 8 kg +

1 checked bag of 15 kg


Refundable 50% of the ticket

Ticket exchange:

65€ per person

Luggage p.P.:

1 carry-on bag of 8 kg +

1 checked bag of 15 kg


Refundable 100% of the ticket

Ticket exchange:

10€ per person

Luggage p.P.:

1 carry-on bag of 8 kg +

2 checked bags of 15 kg each or

1 checked bag of 30 kg

Fees for excess luggage

01 – 05 kg  ->  33 €

06 – 10 kg  ->  44 €

10 – 17 kg  ->  55 €


If your checked baggage is equal to the permitted number but exceeds the weight, excess baggage charges will apply.

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Checked Luggage: 100x50x80cm

Carry-on Lugguage: 55x40x23cm


Sports equipment, such as golf bags, ski equipment, kiteboards, etc.

bookable from 55 €

Hand luggage

Things to keep in mind

  • Hand luggage must fit under the passenger seat and must not slide sideways into the aisle.
  • Hand luggage must not impede other passengers’ ability to move around freely.
  • Hand luggage must fit securely in the compartments; flight attendants must be able to easily close these compartments.
  • Oversized and/or heavy hand luggage is to be declared as checked baggage. Additional costs may apply in this case.


Personal items:

  • In addition to the free hand luggage, each passenger is allowed to take one personal item with them. Such items include a handbag, small backpack, document bag, camera bag, etc.


Additionally permitted items:

  • Coat or blanket
  • Mobile telephone
  • Reading material for the flight
  • Crutches for physically impaired passengers
  • For children under the age of 2: Food for the duration of the flight, 1 foldable buggy to the aircraft door or the movable staircase (transportation in the cargo hold)

Checked baggage

Things to keep in mind

  • A collapsible buggy is also allowed for children under the age of 4.
  • Additional fee for luggage over 15 kg, dependent on the fare category selected
  • Additional fee for every additional piece of luggage, dependent on the fare category selected
  • Electronic devices containing lithium batteries (including medical devices) must be switched off (do not leave them in flight or sleep mode).

Sports equipment

An active holiday

No matter if you’re skiing, biking, diving or golfing, a holiday is twice as much fun with your own sports equipment with you. Simply take your equipment with you on holiday. The following items are allowed for an additional sports equipment fee:

  • Golf bags wrapped in a protective bag
  • Ski and snowboarding equipment
  • Surf equipment
  • Diving equipment with empty diving bottles, removed power source or with lamp switches secured in a switched-off state
  • Bicycles in a bicycle transport box with tyres and pedals removed


Please make sure that your sports equipment has been properly packaged. Otherwise, we won’t be able to transport it.


The carriage of electronic bicycles and other means of transportation powered by lithium batteries (Lithium Powered Personal Devices) is prohibited in both checked and carry-on baggage on board our aircrafts. This regulation applies regardless of the power of the battery.

Lost luggage?

Unlikely, but possible

Baggage delayed

SkyAlps contributes to the costs of replacement purchases if your baggage arrives late. Expenses for toiletries, underwear and, if necessary, a change of clothes are reimbursed. You must produce all of the receipts relating to these purchases. Maximum reimbursement: €75


Lost luggage
If the worst-case scenario occurs and a piece of luggage is lost or arrives late, report it immediately after arriving at your destination airport:

  • Visit Baggage Claim or the Lost Luggage desk in the transit area and fill out the damage report.
  • Skyalps does not accept any liability for reports not being filled out completely at the destination airport.
  • Skyalps is liable for the loss if the luggage item is not found within 21 days.
  • Skyalps is not liable for luggage mistakenly taken by another passenger. The passenger involved shall be liable for the costs.


Each piece of luggage must be marked with a name, initials and address before it is checked so that it can be returned to the owner as quickly as possible if it is mistakenly misrouted.


Damaged luggage
Please immediately report any luggage that is lost or damaged in transit. If it is not possible to report the damage directly on arrival, you must submit it within 7 days of arrival.
Skyalps is not liable for luggage which has been damaged due to improper packaging.Damage to hand luggage (including clothing) must be reported on board the plane or at the latest before leaving the transit area.