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The fifth Italian airline

Own AOC for SkyAlps

SkyAlps obtains Italian Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

SkyAlps can take off with its own air operator's certificate: ENAC issues Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to the South Tyrolean company.



ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, today, 16 January 2023, issued SkyAlps with its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Air Transport Operating Licence.

"SkyAlps can take off with the Air Operator Certificate precisely as the fifth company in Italy and the first ever from South Tyrol," said SkyAlps President Josef Gostner. "The issuance of the AOC represents a historic moment for us and attests to the fact that our airline has the professional capacity and necessary to ensure the safe operation of its aircraft. The Air Operator's Licence constitutes the final measure relating to the legal-administrative and economic-financial, as well as technical-operational, verifications."

Until now, the South Tyrolean company had relied on the Maltese carrier Luxwing. With the possession of the AOC, the company will now be able to operate flights under its own airline code. In addition, it will be possible to conclude agreements with many other companies in the sector. This will make it possible to reach new customers flying from major international airports directly to Bolzano and vice versa.