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Lamezia Terme

A city full of cultural highlights

Timeless city

at the lower end of Italy

Lamezia Terme is known for its rich historical and architectural heritage, with majestic churches and cathedrals, but also ruins and archaeological sites that are without a doubt worth a visit - and let's not forget the nature in and around the city.
The central position of Lamezia Terme makes it easy for visitors to visit other small and cozy towns and attractions of Calabria, a bit out of the way, showing in this way the different nuances of southern Italy.


The beauty of Calabria

Discover Lamezia Terme

Tips and info for your stay in Calabria

Lamezia Terme

Cultural diversity in the south of Italy

Calabria is closely connected with the sea. The region is surrounded by clean white beaches and beautiful bays on both the Tyrrhenian (western) and Ionian (eastern) sides. The plateau of the Sila Mountains in the north attracts visitors with impressive mountains, forests and numerous lakes.

In the surroundings of Lamezia Terme there are important monuments and Greek, Norman and Roman temples, as well as palaces from the Bourbon period.

The coastal road from Pizzo Calabro to Capo Vaticano along the Costa degli Dei, the Coast of God, through Tropea is one of the most beautiful in Italy. The town of Tropea is known for its characteristic center, which offers spectacular views of the sea. The regional cuisine is tasty, varied and still largely unspoiled.

Shopping in Lamezia Terme

What is good to buy in Calabria?

In Lamezia Terme you will find everything from boutiques with national and international brands and markets where you can buy souvenirs and gifts for yourself and your family.

Food and ceramics are definitely among them. In the craftsmanship of this region you can still see the high quality typical in the family tradition. The culture was founded by the many people who have shaped this area since the Magna Grecia period.

The cuisine of Calabria

Simply (but) tasty

Specialties include marinated and sun-dried vegetables, swordfish, large tuna and calamari, roasted meats and spicy sausages. Calabria is one of the most important European producers of citrus fruits and hazelnuts, which are also used to prepare delicious desserts. And don't forget to taste the Nduja, a soft, spicy, spreadable salami. Mmhhh...!

Southern Italian joie de vivre

by day and by night

The aperitif bars usually don't open until around 7 to 8 pm, as the locals usually have dinner between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. If you come earlier, you will probably find many empty seats. As in most southern countries, young and old here like to walk around after dinner, have a drink or treat themselves to an ice cream.

The Sagra delle Range or Orange Festival is held annually in the sunny town of Trebisacce. In June, the festival of smoked ricotta takes place in Mammolo. It will appeal to all cheese lovers and gourmets who like interesting culinary discoveries and among the highlights of the year is the Cultural Festival of Agricultural Products, held in July in the town of Monterosso Calabro.

Useful information

about your stay in Calabria

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