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Glorious sandy beaches, ancient temples, Norman fortresses, imposing baroque architecture in bustling cities – and of course excellent food: that’s Sicily!

Melting pot of cultures

at the heart of the Mediterranean

The sunny island of Sicily at the tip of Italy’s ‘boot’ is left over from a land bridge that once linked Europe with Africa. The island, which is undoubtedly an invaluable asset in terms of its history and geographical setting, is simply enchanting with its divine sandy beaches, idyllic bays, fascinating countryside filled with lovely villages and the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, as well as with relics from bygone epochs that bear witness to the island’s eventful past.


The colourful richness of Sicily

Explore Sicily

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Cultural diversity at Italy’s southernmost point

Highly coveted since antiquity due to its important, strategic location and rich nature, today you can admire the historic monuments of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, French and Austrians, which for the most part have been very well preserved. Segesta, for instance, boasts one of the most beautiful ancient amphitheatres and one of the best preserved Greek temples. Vestiges of the Carthaginians and Romans can be found in Solunto near Palermo, and the Valley of the Temples is rightly regarded as the most impressive archaeological excavation site. Explore all the sights at

Shopping on Sicily

A guaranteed ‘bazaar’ feeling

Shopping in Sicily is a true adventure and joy, especially in winter thanks to the mild temperatures! The weekly and daily markets provide special thrills: haggling and bargaining just like in an oriental bazaar, dealers loudly advertising their goods, and the smell of spices like thyme and rosemary lingering everywhere. Then there’s the exact opposite: huge shopping centres that are typically found in the USA. The Etnapolis near Catania is Europe’s largest retail centre with over 200 shops!

Sicilian cuisine

Just as diverse as the Mediterranean island’s culture

Sicilian food is one of Italy’s most diverse cuisines. Colourful and full of flavour – that’s best way to sum it up. Meat and fish, cheese and pasta, almonds, capers and vibrant spices are creatively combined to conjure up one-of-kind dishes, such as stuffed and deep-fried rice balls known as ‘arancini’, pasta alla Norma or caponata. The sweet confections, such as cannoli (fried tube-shaped shells with a delicious ricotta filling) or cassata (a sponge cake with ricotta and candied fruit) are also legendary. 

The Southern Italian zest of life

Folklore, tradition and indulgence

The many events that take place and inspire both locals and guests alike are just as diverse as the Sicilians themselves who bubble over with effervescence. The calendar of events is marked by colourful pageants with elaborate costumes and floats, religious events honouring a patron saint and events to indulge the senses, including the ‘Chocobarocco’ festival in March featuring artistically designed chocolate creations made out of Cioccolato di Modica as well as festivals dedicated to agricultural products. Explore the rich calendar of events

Useful information

about your stay in Sicily

Head into your holiday with a wealth of knowledge: We suggest looking into admission fees, opening times, hired cars and guided tours in advance so you can really enjoy your well-deserved time-off. The most important information can be found at

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