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A touch of the Caribbean in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea


City of millennia of history

Sardinia always exudes some Caribbean feeling in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Endless white sandy beaches, turquoise sparkling water and a dreamlike nature will enchant you and invite you to relax. The capital Cagliari shines with ancient buildings, green gardens, colorful flowers and enchanting beaches


So beautiful can be a Sardinia vacation

Discover Cagliari

Tips and info for your stay in Sardinia's main city


Sights without end

The four historic quarters preserve testimonies of its millenary history, from prehistory to the Savoy dynasty. 
The Castello district rises on the highest hill of the city. It is characterized by its ancient bastions, today a center of lively activity.
Villanova is made up of narrow streets with pastel-colored houses with planted balconies and lower floors that often house craft stores or cozy bars. 
The Marina district, with its beautiful buildings and archways, was originally intended to welcome fishermen and merchants, but today it is the epitome of a multi-ethnic city. 
The Stampace district, on the other hand, is a colorful place every year and is home to the Botanical Garden, a green oasis in the middle of the city. 

Shopping in the south of Sardinia

Everything you desire

Cagliari has excellent shopping facilities, mainly concentrated in the Marina district, where the largest department store, La Rinascente, is located.

If you are looking for souvenirs or local handicrafts such as baskets and filigree gold jewelry, you will find several appropriate stores in the port area. Regional specialties are available at San Benedetto's covered food market. Sunday is a good day for markets, with flea markets near the Bastion St. Remy and in Piazza Trento. There are also always antique markets on Sundays.

The cuisine of Sardinia

The finest delicacies from the sea and the land

Although Sardinia is surrounded by the sea, the most famous local dish is porceddu - roasted suckling pig. However, this does not mean that seafood is not part of the regional tradition. On the contrary, along the coast you can enjoy fresh grilled fish every day, such as striped bream, sea bass, red mullet and mullet. The Sardinians are very proud of their culinary tradition, so leave Italian and international food for later and enjoy the unique flavors of local cuisine.

Most restaurants and bars are located in the old neighborhoods around the port and Castello. And this is exactly where the social life and various events take place. In general, the relaxed atmosphere of the city is reflected in the bars.If after a few drinks you want to explore the clubs of the city and do not miss Poetto Beach with its beach bars by the sea.

Italian joie de vivre

Folklore, tradition and pleasure

The best way to get to know the culture of the locals is to visit one of the numerous festivals that take place regularly in Cagliari. They are organized literally at any time of the year. Sant'Efisio is still the most important national festival of the city, takes place in May and was first celebrated more than 350 years ago.

In September the fish festival, Sagra del Pesce, takes place, which will surely delight all gourmets. During the days of the festival, all the restaurants and cafes of the city offer their guests a special fish menu. The food will be served in specially arranged tents on the beach, where visitors can taste the best and most delicious seafood dishes. Octopus in garlic sauce prepared according to a special recipe, fish platter and white fish fillet with fried potatoes as a side dish - these are just some of the festive dishes that are usually prepared during the festival.

Useful informations

around your stay in Sardinia

A well-informed vacation is more relaxed. Therefore, you should inform yourself in good time at about all vacation topics such as excursion destinations, medical assistance, weather, safety, means of transport and much more.

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