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Since over 1700 years it is one of the most important port-citys in Italy and became a hotspot for air and sea travelers.

The "Gateway to the Orient“

with numerous other highlight

Brindisi is known to many mainly because of its provincial capital of the same name and its function as a transit port to Greece. However, one should take the time and delve a little deeper, because the city as well as the province have so much to offer.
The landscape of Brindisi is characterized by ancient olive groves, which reach almost to the 80 km long coast. Enchanting harbors, fine sandy beaches, small bays and cliffs with many small towns perched on them like fortresses round off a vacation in Puglia worthwhile.


The diversity of Brindisi

Explore Brindisi

Tips and info for your stay in Apulia


Welcome to a city with great tradition

In Brindisi you can see ancient palaces, the beautiful cathedral, narrow streets and old houses full of charm.

The best way to explore the old town of Brindisi is to get lost. After all, the center is quite small, so you will probably return to the starting point at some point. In fact, it's almost impossible to miss the cathedral and the beautiful Palazzo Arcivescovile that overlooks the square.

In addition, be sure to take the time to see the port of Brindisi, the "Monumento del Marinaio" and the "Castello Alfonsino di Brindisi".

Shopping at Brindisi

Small old town full of great products

n Brindisi there is the excellent supermarket "Carrefour", where you can always come to buy the necessities, groceries and many other useful things. This store is characterized by moderate prices. It is very popular not only by tourists, but also by locals. 
Those who like to stroll through large shopping centers should visit Centro Commerciale Le Colonne. You can read more about it in the following sections.

The food of Apulia

All that sea and land has to offer

When it comes to food, the Centro Commerciale Le Colonne is also at the forefront with its excellent restaurants and cafes. Local delicacies can be found at the Enoteca Fedele. In search of interesting national delicacies you can stroll through the market Mercatino Scuole Pie.

In conclusion, the fish market is a real gastronomic attraction of Brindisi. Many come here to make a trip. 

Events and festivities of Brindisi

Between tradition and modern highlights

Every year Brindisi hosts interesting national celebrations and events that always attract many curious travelers. The "Processione del Cavallo Parato" is one of the most famous and popular national festivals. There are many interesting legends associated with the history of this holiday, but no one knows for sure what was the reason for this holiday.

No less interesting event is the "Processione a Mare", the Festival of the Sea, on the first weekend of September. The festival is not lacking in interesting fringe events and festive parades. 

In addition, the "Centro Commerciale Le Colonne" always offers interesting entertainment events for residents and tourists, including fashion shows and music concerts. 

Useful informationen

about your stay in Brindisi

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