When you think of Switzerland, you certainly think of beautiful mountain lakes, the Alps, the finest chocolate and Swiss banking. In Zurich you will find all that and much more.

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Desirable Zurich

Why Zurich is one of the five best places to live

Independence, cheese and - not to be forgotten - Roger Federer are probably the first terms one associates with Zurich and Switzerland. Closely followed by the Alps, mountain lakes, finest chocolate and Swiss banking. in Zurich and the surrounding area there is much more to discover and here are a few facts about it.
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Exciting Zurich

Discover Zurich

4 fun facts about Zurich


is one of the happiest cities in the world

Numerous surveys have shown that Zurich is the most popular city in terms of quality of life. The city is also one of the richest cities in Europe and with a low tax rate is a perfect place for companies to be based.

Zurich for breakfast

The birth of the "muesli"

In 1904, Max Bircher-Benner founded a clinic that focused on nutrition with raw ingredients, because he was convinced that the sun gave healing powers to plants. Bircher-Benner prescribed twice-daily meals of apples, oats, nuts, lemon and condensed milk - in short, the "Bircher Müesli" - and today it is near impossible to imagine breakfast without it anywhere in the world.

Proud owner

of the largest church clock in Europe

In the heart of Zurich's old town stands St. Peter's Church with its medieval steeple. Under the roof of the tower you can admire Europe's largest church clock, whose outer diameter is a full 8.64 meters. The minute hand measures 5.73 meters and even the hour hand, at 5.07 meters, is still longer than a Volkswagen Multivan.


Hot Spot for research and development

Many international corporations have chosen Zurich as the location for their offices. For example, Google has its largest European office in downtown Zurich and Disney Research is located just minutes from the center of Zurich.

Useful information

about your stay in Zurich

We suggest looking into the most important information about attractions, museums, food and leisure activities ahead of time so you can fully enjoy your stay in Zurich. Visit zuerich.com and fly to Zurich with Skyalps armed with a wealth of knowledge.

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