Rotterdam combines characteristic old canals with modern architecture and the trade tradition makes the city a truly multicultural metropolis.

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Rotterdam is a city of many faces: the tough port area, the trendy nightlife, the sophisticated shopping streets and the hip artistic scene make it unique and multifaceted. Above all, Rotterdam is the architecture capital of Holland: it is possible to perceive the innovative spirit of the city in its ever-changing skyline. There are many things to do amid Rotterdam’s skyscrapers: you can go on a shopping spree, enjoy some excellent food, or visit a range of museums and attractions in and around the city centre.
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Rotterdam is the second largest city in Holland and is nothing like any other Dutch city. Thanks to its impressive skyline Rotterdam is nicknamed “Manhattan on the Meuse”. Most attractions have a strong connection to water, such as the reconstruction of the 18th century warship ‘De Delft’, the historic vessel ‘De Rotterdam’ and the Spido tours through the port of Rotterdam. Fun fact: Rotterdam’s international port is Europe’s biggest harbour and among the world’s top five biggest harbours. You can also visit the Euromast panoramic tower and Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp). It is an architectural and cultural metropole with countless attractions, festivals and museums.


Fashion shopping in Rotterdam

If you like fashion, Rotterdam is the perfect place for you. The elegant shops in the city centre are open seven days a week. There you can find anything you may fancy: from casual to sophisticated, from retro tu futuristic, from international brands to niche boutiques. 

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Dine at the glorious Hotel New York and enjoy the unique skyline and the view of the Meuse. Go on a food safari, take a tour on the Pannenkoekenboot (pancake boat) or see the city from the revolving restaurant at the top of the Euromast. Rotterdam has it all!

Rotterdam in action

It looks like there is every day a good reason for celebrate something

From January 21 to February 21, locals and tourists celebrate the New Year in Rotterdam's Chinatown. This colorful event is accompanied by fairs, performances, dances and fireworks, so it is definitely worth a visit. In early March, you can experience one of the most colorful spring festivals in Zuiderpark - the Holi Festival. In April, the city of Rotterdam is transformed into a venue for numerous events, where residents celebrate King's Day. It continues with the North Sea Jazz Festival in July, the open-air cinema festival Pleinbioscoop in August and the Harbour Days or Wereldhavendagen in September - including a ship parade and boat races. In mid-November, the locals start preparing for the Christmas and New Year's festivities, a glamorous final to an event-filled year.

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