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Bolzano, Italy
Explore the cultural diversity of South Tyrol, and marvel at unimagined natural treasures.
From 75 €
Düsseldorf, Germania
The green city on the Rhine, known worldwide for its legendary carnival, exudes its very special cosmopolitan and hearty charm.
From 186 €
Parma, Italy
Everybody knows prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano–Reggiano.
From 75 €
Rom, Italy
Ancient ruins, magnificent churches, monumental buildings... Rome is lived history and the Italian zest for life par excellence.
From 99 €
Sardinia, Italy
White sandy beaches, crystal clear water in all shades and a great variety of landscapes: the perfect summer holiday.
From 138 €
Ibiza, Spain
The Spanish Mediterranean island lures visitors in with its divine beaches, lovely bays and idyllic villages, but also with its vibrant nightlife and unique offer of trendy bars.
From 142 €
Berlin, Germania
A city that never sleeps and at the same time offers so many places to rest. Experience the cultural diversity and let yourself be captivated by the original Berlin.
From 186 €